Karma Relaxation Spa

overworked and overstressed options with its new spa happy hour menu Monday through Thursday from 6 to 7 p.m., the spa will now feature 25-minute mini-treatments at just $20. Walk-ins and reservations are welcome.
“Most days, we need a little reprieve from the daily grind,” said Jing Sun, the spa’s delightful owner. “Poor posture, road rage, stress and anxiety: These are poisons for which we have antidotes.”
The new happy hour menu will rotate every three to four weeks, always featuring a selection of three or more 25-minute mini-treatment options and a festive champagne-based concoction. Most deals favor the business by offering - say - 20 minutes for $25. Sun flipped the numbers to favor the client, offering 25 minutes for $20.
“Our spa thrives at the intersection of quality and value and happy hour is one more way to celebrate both,” she said.

$20 for 25 minutes. Select among:
25-min. chair massage (shoulders)
25-min. scalp and neck massage
25-min. paraffin hand & foot treatment with facial mask

At Karma, we use only the finest ingredients to create a most relaxing experience. Our staff of Spa Professionals works hard to ensure that every massage treats the body, mind and spirit. We look forward to serving you at Karma Relaxation Spa. Click HERE to schedule your appointment !


E-mail: relax@karmamassagespa.com